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These Terms of Service (TS) govern the terms and conditions of use of the website and are published on the website.
Date of adoption: January 15th, 2014
Date of publishing:
January 15th, 2014

1.1. The concepts, specified below, have the following meaning:
      ·  Adloop – an Internet based platform, which serves for fulfillment of virtual contacts between Suppliers and Purchasers in order to purchase and sell Services;
      ·  Website – the website:;
      ·  The Company – Adloop Ltd.;
      ·  Services – Telecommunication services with national and international coverage, such as data transmission, access to the internet, colocation, etc;
      ·  Users – all persons, registered on the website;
      ·  Supplier – any User, who is in the position of a "seller/supplier” in relation to a particular Service;
      ·  Purchaser (also Inquirer) - any User, who is in the position of a "customer/client” in relation to a particular Service;
      ·  Account – a set of identifying data, required for access of a particular User to the website;
      ·  Inquiry – a statement on the part of the User, made in the specially defined website tab (ADLOOP TAB), containing the criteria of the Service sought;
      ·  Personal Offer – an offer on the part of the Supplier to a Purchaser, which is only visible for the Purchaser;
      ·  Rating – an assessment, applicable to any User, which is formed as per the order, described in the Website, Help section.
1.2. For using the Website and the Services, provided through it, each User must be familiar with the present TS. Each registration according to the regulations below is accompanied by a compulsory familiarization with the TS, an explicit declaration of their acceptance and an obligation for their unconditional observance.
1.3. Upon violation of the regulations of the TS, the Company shall have the right to sanction the respective User according to the manner, stipulated in the TS and the effective legislation.

2.1. The registration is a compulsory condition for each of the Users, wishing to use the Website, as the latter shall be completed successfully upon duly filling of all fields, marked as "compulsory”.
2.2. The Company creates an Account for each of the Users, who have registered on the Website.
2.3. The User shall not have the right to sell, give away and/or reassign the Account provided to them to third parties, neither to use the latter illegally and for forbidden purposes.
2.4. The registration of Users is a collection of Company data, voluntarily presented by the Users, and allows the latter to be identified upon using of the Website.
2.5. The Company is registered as a personal data administrator according to the Personal Data Protection Act. They make the due efforts for protection of the personal data of the Users. The Company may use the information for the Users of the site for the purposes, stipulated in the present TS. The Company shall not be held responsible in cases of misuse of personal data by third parties, registered as Users.
2.6. By the declaration as per clause 1.2. of these TS the User declares his/her agreement that the provided data (in PROFILE TAB) shall be visible for other Users of the Website for the purposes of establishing a contact. A User, who doesn’t want his data to be accessible for other Users, shall not enter the data (or shall delete the already entered data) in the section, provided for data (PROFILE TAB). They cannot delete the data in the fields marked as compulsory, which is the data minimum required for identification of the User, such as: Username, E-mail, Company Name and Address.
2.7. By the declaration as per clause 1.2. of these TS the User declares his/her agreement for receiving electronic mails (e-mails) concerning his/her registration, Account, the Website, etc. Each User may adjust the pattern for receiving of such emails by marking the relevant field in "Settings” Menu > Email notifications unless the email concerns confirmation/reply of an action initiated by the User (for example: confirmation email for changing the password).

3.1. Each User shall have the right to publish on the Website Inquiries, in which they shall particularize a Service, which they search by specifying it through filling in the fields marked as "compulsory”.
3.2. Each User shall specify a period in which the Inquiry is valid. The Inquiry does not bind the User. A binding meaning is formed by an Inquiry, in which a Personal Offer is present and the latter is accepted.
3.3. The User may receive Personal Offers as per their Inquiry by other Users.
3.4. Each User shall have the right to examine the Inquiries and send a Personal Offer to a particular Purchaser.
3.5. The very Personal Offer shall be filled in by the User in a way, identical to the one, specified in clause 3.1.
3.6. The Company shall not be held responsible for the fulfillment of the agreements, concluded by the Users.
3.7. The Users shall have the right to use the following options on the Website:
      ·  to examine the contents of the Inquiries;
      ·  to publish their Inquiries;
      ·  to make Personal Offers to other Users;
      ·  to connect to other Users on the Website by using the functionalities of the latter;
      ·  to start negotiations regarding the conditions of providing the Services;
3.8. The good manners between the Users on the Website is based on the following recommended behavior – the Users shall mark duly the status of their Inquiries, when they are no more active, temporary or permanently, as well as they shall specify a reason for that – if the Inquiry had been withdrawn or if its validity period has expired, or if it had been archived due to a concluded agreement, etc.
3.9. The Website shall have the right to enter algorithms for Rating of the Users.

4.1. The Company shall not be held responsible for the correctness of:
      ·  the information, presented by the Users upon registration on the Website, publishing of Inquiries, making Offers, etc.;
      ·  the opportunity of a particular Supplier for fulfillment of the Personal Offers, provided by them;
      ·  the solvency of the Purchaser;
      ·  the conclusion of an agreement between a Purchaser and a Supplier, as well as their due fulfillment.
4.2. By acceptance of the present TS, the Users shall be considered unconditionally notified of the fact that the Company does not exercise any supervision upon the correctness of the information upon using the Website.
4.3. The Company shall not be held responsible for any lost information, undelivered messages, etc., including they shall not be held responsible for possible harms, occurring as a result of: interruption of the internet connection or electric supply; possible presence of "viruses” or other harmful components on the Website or links; force majeure circumstances; the use by third parties of data, provided by the Users, even if these data are consequently deleted by Users, according to clause 2.6. of the TS.
4.4. The Users are notified that it is possible that the access to the Website may be temporary terminated with view to reasons, related to updating of the Website, maintenance of the hardware and software equipment, technical defects outside the control of the Company, upon force majeure circumstances and other similar reasons.
4.5. The Users are completely responsible for keeping secret their usernames, passwords, as well as any other registration data, provided in relation to the registration on the Website. The Users are aware that any information, received in relation to any Personal Offer, is only intended for the User-addressee, and the latter shall keep it as confidential.
4.6. The Users undertake to exercise correctly the rights in relation to using the Website, as well as to observe their obligations, without this way violating the rights of the rest of the Users, neither to create any hindrances for the correct functioning of the Website.
4.7. Users take the entire responsibility, resulting from violation of the present General Terms and Conditions. In case of violation of the regulations of the present General Terms and Conditions, the Company shall have the right to take any or a number of the following actions:
      ·  To limit the right of access of Users to the Website;
      ·  To limit the information, published on the Website, if the latter is illegal, if it is against the good manners or if apparently it aims to mislead;
      ·  To delete the registration of the User on the Website;
      ·  To undertake any other legal activities based on their assessment.
4.8. For avoidance of any doubt, the Company shall have the right to exercise their right as per clause 4.7. of this section, and in case that the activities of the Users have or could have as a consequence harming of the Website activity, violation of rights and legal interests of third parties.
4.9. The Website contains links to other websites, and the Company shall not be held responsible for their contents.

5. The present TS are based on the effective legislation of Republic of Bulgaria and any arguments in relation to the latter shall be referred to the Arbitration Court at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The Company is registered in the Republic of Bulgaria under UIC 200870754, with headquarters and registered address:
Siemens Office Building, 2 Kukush str., 1309 Sofia, Bulgaria.